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Looking for the way of understanding the World, as our Life is a course of all of us... discovering the unlimited filters of the point of view and faces and feeling and souls and projections of us is the blast of all the different ways we can possibly find on the limitless path we are meaning to stay... or bringing multiplicity in unlimitation: leave the path and even more to be there to discover...

 A Visual Journey

I was 14. Professor Polos taught us not to look for the style, which would make us different, but let ourselves learn, then everything else will take shape (evolve). I believe in this even now, when I've finally been able to understand among many things why Master Gerzson another teacher of mine instead of simply teaching us to paint, he had showed us the way how to see. Getting to know the multifariousness in the World, I don't deny the fact that there are many ways that compulsively make us see things coming from our soul to the surface. I don't look for the style - not even today - I let myself see as colorful as life prospers and strive to reflect my experiences in my way - reflections of aspects & emotions..

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I first learned to be a graphic designer who had to realize that there are a limitless number of versions of completing a mission of a graphic design job... Today it's still driving me crazy to know that when I "finish" a painting, I did not close the way of that artwork on the canvas... ...the smallest modified detail could change everything.

This is Life...

Press/Collectors / Exhibitions

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Wanting list of Collectors..:

-HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany, SCO

-HMEH Prince José Cosmelli – Grand Master and Head of the State, ANG

-His Grace Sir George Popper, KGC – Ex. Grand Chancellor of the Sov. Order of Cyprus, HUN

-Her Grace Countess Lady Anna Popper - President of the Admission Board, HUN

-Gyula Horn - President of Hungary (1994-1998), HUN

-Viktor Orban - President of Hungary (1998-2002. 2010-), HUN

-Romero Britto - Most Licenced Artist of Art History, USA

-Bob Esty - Music Producer USA (e.g."Raining Man"), USA

-Dan Barris - President and Chief Art. Officer at Dancers Inc. USA

-Paul Woods - CEO of Algenol, Florida USA

-Lonnie Hansley - Owner at Lonnie Hensley Automotive USA

-Tom Oosterhout - Owner and Publisher at Conch Color USA

-St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Key West, Florida USA

-Fanni Sarkozy - Pianist, Singer, International Jazz Composer Award, USA

-Andras Kakuszi - Owner & CEO at Hotel Szarvas, HUN

-Dorina Galambos - Singer, musician, HUN

-Reka Mihalyi - Singer, musician, Fonogram Music Award, HUN

-Barna Pely - Singer, musicia, Artisjus Song Writer Award, HUN

-Aron Romhanyi - Pianist, musician, International Jazz Award, HUN

-Imre Bajor - Actor, Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Gabor Harsanyi- Actor, Hungarian Artist Prize, HUN

-Gabor Agardy- Actor, Actor of the Hungarian Nation Award, HUN

-Istvan Bujtor- Actor, director, producer and screenplay writer, Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Andras Kern- actor, producer, writer,Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Miklos Jancso- director, screenplay writer, Best Director Award  at the Cannes Film Festival - for "Red Psalm" in 1972, HUN

-Jozsef Sas - Actor, director at Theatre Mikroszkop,, HUN

-Peter Cseke - Actor, director at Theatre Jozsef Katona,, HUN

-Tibor Fekete - Actor, Actor of the Hungarian Nation Award, HUN

-Sandor Oszter - Actor, Prize Jaszai Mari, HUN

-Alexandra Oszter - Actress, HUN

-Lee Constantine - Dir. of F&B, Doubletree - Hilton, USA

-La Concha Hotel - 430 Duval St, Key West, Florida, USA

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1992. - first solo exhibition, Kiskőrös, S. Petőfi Community Center, HUN

1996. - art camp, group exhibition, Zánka, HUN

1997. - art camp, group exhibition, Zebegény, HUN

1998. - secco - Debrecen, St Anna Cathedral, HUN

1999. - secco - church of Gesztely, HUN

1999. - secco - Szeged, Votive Church, HUN

2000. - solo exhibition, Jókai Theatre, Békéscsaba /Hun

2000. - secco - Szeged, the dome of the Votive Church,, HUN

2000. - photo exhibition with Vanda Katona, Szeged, HUN

2001. - group exhibition, Kiskőrös, Petőfi Art Museum,, HUN

2002. - solo exhibition, Kiskőrös, Petőfi Community Centre /June. 11., HUN

2004. - art camp, group exhibition, Hajós, /July, HUN

2004. - solo exhibition, Budapest, Mikroszkóp Theatre, HUN

2004. - solo exhibition, Budapest, Fészek Artist Club /22. Oct, HUN

2004. - permanent group exhibition of the Petőfi Native House Art Endowment /12. Nov., HUN

2004. - solo exhibition, directing first short for opening: "I'm Not an Artist", Kiskőrös, Petőfi Community Centre. /10. Dec., HUN

2005. - solo exhibition and I sing my song, Hotel Szarvas for Endowment for Kiskőrös and medal of the Contractor Of The Year 05/21., HUN

2005. - art camp, group exhibition, Hajós /July, HUN

2005. - I'm a juryman for Angelface agency - Beauty of the Spa, Kecskemét /27. Aug, HUN

2005. - I sing my song at Vine Festival - Knight of the Vine Initiation, and I'm a juryman, Angelface agency - Beauty of Kiskőrös /3.Sept, HUN

2005. - group exhibition, Sárfehér Napok, Izsák /Sept, HUN

2005. - maxi cd cover for Dorina - Keresem az igazit, photos, painting andgraphic design /Sept, HUN

2005. - Carlos Alberto Castillo's exhibition, M3 Gallery (Andrassy út 100) directed by Lula Szász and Embassy of Venezuela, Adam Czvitkovics and me with some pictures as next exhibitors /28. Nov, HUN

2006. - solo exhibition at Hotel 3 Goosey in Kecskemét. Performers: Magna Cum Laude, Pély-Romhányi Duo and Kovacs-Polyak Duo, HUN

2006. - cd cover of the Magna Cum Laude - Minden állomás, graphic design ,03/10., HUN

2006. - exhibition with Adam Czvitkovics, Csiki-Bege Car Salon. Co-directed with Lula Szász. Performers: Pély-Romhányi Duo 03/23., HUN

2006. - Cd cover of Edvin Marton - Stradivarius, graphic design /8. Sept, HUN

2006. - group exhibition, Sárfehér Napok, Izsák /Sept, HUN

2006.- solo exhibition - Tour of Plazas,12 cities. Every Friday from Sept to Dec. Performers: Dorina Galambos, United, model agencies, HUN

2006. - first directing music video for my song: "All the Memories" (Ujlenyomat Csoport)

2006. - Debut of my Album with Arnold Vígh ("All the Memories") at Pearl of Danube Embroider and Beauty Contest, Bp, E Club 09/17., HUN

2006. - Live music show with Arnold Vígh ("All the Memories"), Miss Bikini World Hungary, Cameleon Bar, Budapest /30. Sept, HUN

2006. - Debut and interview about my music in the Viva music Tv channel, with Arnold Vígh. Also it's my forst directed music video /Oct, HUN

2006. - directing music video for Bridge music band. Working with Zoltan Mayer multi award winner DP and Adam Romhányi./Oct, HUN

2007. - group exhibition with Adam Czvitkovics, Budapest, Public Agricultural Library. Movie: "You See Me Different". Performers: Pély-Romhányi Duo and Dorina Galambos /24. Jan, HUN

2007. - Music Album debut show of the Unisex - I sing 2 songs - I wrote the lyrics for 8 of 10 songs. Budapest, A38 Boat /14. Feb, HUN

2007. - solo exhibition, Hy Seoul Festival in Seoul Korea. Organized by Flórián & Bernadett Veress and Arnold Vígh. I wasn't there - I was on my way to the Key West, FL, USA...

2008. - solo exhibition at Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center, Key West - Stock Island, FL USA

2008. - Art displayed at Sippin' Internet Caffee, Key West, FL USA

2009. - Hemingway portrait on the wall of La Concha hotel, FL USA

2010. - live art show at Gallery DeRubeis Key West, FL USA

2011. - live art shows - Gallery DeRubeis Key West, FL USA

2012. - live art shows - Gallery DeRubeis Key West, FL USA

2012. - group Exhibition "EROTICA" - Artspace Key West, FL USA

2012. - Pop Up Exhibition with art agent Shakti Assuline - Key West, FL USA

2012. - Contract with AGI (Art Group International) - David Smith

2013. - Working with Adam Scott Rote

2013. - weekly live painting shows at Adam Scott Rote Gallery - Key West, FL USA

2014. - weekly live painting shows at Adam Scott Rote Gallery - Key West, FL USA

2015. - group Exhibition - Titok Gallery in Hungary, Budapest, HUN

2015. - directing & shooting dozens of Adult Education interviews / short films

2015. -September 4, solo Exhibition "Not too Abstract" - Gallery Ágnes in Hungary, Budapest, HUN

2015. -September 11, group Exhibition - Titok Gallery in Hungary, Budapest, HUN

2015. - directing, shooting and editing the feature Documentary: "Amphibious" (with Gabor Kvalla)

2015. -Dec 4, solo Exhibition at XXIX. Flora Flower Festival, Kecel, HUN

2017. -May 20, group Exhibition ARTundressed 2017 - ArtHood 56, Miami , FL USA

2017. editing, directing & shooting daily Luxury Real Estate Video with Luxhunters Production, MIAMI, USA

2018. directing & shooting the Award Winning Real Estate Video of the Year of 2018 by Photography for Realestate

2019. directing & shooting the Award Winning Real Estate Video of the Month of July by Photography for Realestate

2019. - directing, shooting Music Video Portfolio for Veracruz Party-Band (with Gabor Kvalla), Kalocsa, HUN

2019. - directing, shooting Multi Award Winning Music Video Yellow Submarine (The Beatles) by Fanni Sarkozy

2022. -April 6, solo Exhibition  "Destination" at Aston Martin Residences Miami, FL USA

2022. Nov 17. IMMERSE group Exhibition at Top Art & Frame Gallery 13525 Biscayne Blvd – North Miami Beach, FL USA

2022. Nov 30 ART BASEL / RED DOT Miami, 2217 NW 5th Avenue, NW 22nd St, Miami, FL USA

2022. Nov 30 ART BASELBuro79Wynwood 125 NW 23rd st, Miami, FL USA

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