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Looking for the way of understanding the World, as our Life is a course of all of us... discovering the unlimited filters of the point of view and faces and feeling and souls and projections of us is the blast of all the different ways we can possibly find on the limitless path we are meaning to stay... or bringing multiplicity in unlimitation: leave the path and even more to be there to discover...

 A Visual Journey

I was 14. Professor Polos taught us not to look for the style, which would make us different, but let ourselves learn, then everything else will take shape (evolve). I believe in this even now, when I've finally been able to understand among many things why Master Gerzson another teacher of mine instead of simply teaching us to paint, he had showed us the way how to see. Getting to know the multifariousness in the World, I don't deny the fact that there are many ways that compulsively make us see things coming from our soul to the surface. I don't look for the style - not even today - I let myself see as colorful as life prospers and strive to reflect my experiences in my way - reflections of aspects & emotions..

PP__5635 crop_pp_FX.jpg

I first learned to be a graphic designer who had to realize that there are a limitless number of versions of completing a mission of a graphic design job... Today it's still driving me crazy to know that when I "finish" a painting, I did not close the way of that artwork on the canvas... ...the smallest modified detail could change everything.

This is Life...

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